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A Viking variation on the common 'Always be yourself unless...' statement, seen in an Icelandic souvenir shop.

Photo of a Viking Tour bus in Heimaey in the Westman Islands. The company runs tours by boat and bus. The branding of the business draws on the Viking heritage of the islands.

An Icelandic-English dictionary, based on the ms. collections of the late Richard Cleasby. Enl. and completed by Gudbrand Vigfússon. With an introduction and life of Richard Cleasby by George Webbe Dasent.Download the dictionary from…

Dictionary for translating from English to Old Norse.

Arthur, Ross G., 2002 'English-Old Norse Dictionary' (Cambridge, Ontario: In parentheses Publications)

Völuspá Auden 1.5 Acrobat 6.pdf
A translation of the Old Norse Eddic poem Völuspá by W. H. Auden and P. B. Taylor
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