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Photo of the Sun Voyager, a sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason, and unveiled in 1990 near Sæbraut in Reykjavík, Iceland. Though many people assume it to represent a Viking Ship and refer to Norse heritage, the artist's…

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The Ladby burial mound, containing a high-status ship burial - the only one so far discovered in Denmark. The remains of the Ladby ship are preserved in a museum situated in the mound itself. For more information, see

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Photo by Flickr userMandiasof the Ladby Viking ship burial. The museum is built around the excavated Viking ship in its original location. For more information, visit

Bonze-Age depictions of ships from Solbakk, Rogaland, Norway. For a higher resolution image, see

A blog by Irish archaeologist Alva Mac Gowan, documenting this year's summer voyage with the reconstructed Viking ship Havhingsten (the Sea Stallion from Glendalough) as it takes part in the Kongens Togt (King's Journey) commemorating Cnut's conquest…

This replica Viking ship was originally built for the movie "Wickie und die starken Männer", filmed in Bavaria in 2009. It mainly sailed on Kochelsee for filming. It was then re-used for the second film in the series and stored afterwards. In 2015…

Image of the Nydam Boat found in Nydam Bog in southern Jutland, Denmark and now on display in Gottorf Castle. The boat dates to c. 310-320, and is the earliest ship find in Scandinavia, as well as the earliest example of a clinker-built boat yet…

A ship from the Viking River Cruises line seen in dock in Dresden. Photographed by Angelika Schoerner.

A poster produced by Anne-Kathrin Schoerner for the Conference 'Rediscovering the Vikings: Reception, Recovery, Englagement' at University College Cork, 25-26 November 2016 (Organised by the World-Tree Project). The ship and bird designs are based on…

A pre-Viking razor fragment from theLate Bronze Age, period V. FromStrærup, Sogn.For a higher resolution image see

An Irish woman's blog about going to Denmark to sail The Sea Stallion, a replica Viking ship.

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Balázs Bernáth et al have suggested that the Viking sun compass found at Uunartoq is a sun shadow board designed for determining local solar noon, because the gnomons on it contain errors that could lead to navigational problems.

Tjängvide I (G 110) dates from c.700-800 AD and is now on display at Statens historiska museum in Stockholm. It is one of several Gotlandic picture stones with similar motifs; a ship under sail below and a scene that appears to be a welcome to…

Logo of, a co-operative initiative by the Clontarf Residents’ Association, the Clontarf Business Association and Web Together. The logo features a Viking ship, drawing on the Norse heritage of Clontarf.

A small boat of approximately 37cm in length has been interpreted as a child's toy. This one was found at Winetavern Street during excavations by the National Museum of Ireland.

Viking cream cheese.jpg
A soft cheese branded with a Viking longship for no readily apparent reason. Seen in a Dutch supermarket.
Woody Wiest talks about rigging the Draken Harald Hårfagre using hemp ropes.

A model Viking longship made of glass and wood as a souvenir that can be bought in the gift shop at Vikingskipshuset.

3 fridge magnets, 2 from Sweden and 1 from Norway. The two magnets to the left are probably from recent years, ( since 2010), while the one to far right is probably from 1980's. The magnets are classic examples of the stereotypical Viking with…

A small reconstructed Viking boat named 'Gro', and usually located in the Irish National Heritage Park, Wexford, but photographed here on loan to the National Botanic Garden in Dublin for the Clontarf 2014 celebrations.
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