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This PhD thesis examines how houses were used in the Viking Age and medieval period, and compares archaeological evidence with the medieval Icelandic sagas.

Dublinia is a not-for-profit heritage centre based at the crossroads of the medieval city at Christchurch, Dublin. It promotes learning about Viking and medieval Dublin both through the exhibitions in the centre itself and as part of an online…

The Vinland Map is a mappa mundi that depicts Vinland, the Viking name for America. It first came to light in 1957 when it was offered for sale by an anonymous private library. It was thought to date from the mid-fifteenth century, and to be based on…

Photographs from Landnámssýningin Reykjavík 871±2 - The Settlement Exhibition in Iceland

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose
Ordbog over det norrøne prosasprog

Online dictionary of Old Norse

Interior of the church of St. Olaf in Bø (built around 1180). Original medieval three-panel carved wood altar, with the crowning of Mary featured in the middle panel.

The church in Bø was built around 1180 and was dedicated to St. Olaf. The semi-circle apse in the chancel was added at a later date. The forged iron chandelier is one of the elements in the church that remained from the middle ages.

Exterior of the triple Heddal stave church in Nottoden, Norway (early 13th Century), which is the largest stave church in Norway.

The bishop's chair from Heddal stave church dating from the 13th century.

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This runic inscription can be found in the covered exterior passage, on the fourth wall-board to the right of the south portal. The inscription consists of five runes, two of which, according to Professor Magnus Olsen, may be disregarded as mere…

Overview of a personal humble collection of books related to the topic of a current PhD-project, namely the Viking-age woman known as Unnr djúpúðga or Auðr djúpauðga (lit. Unn the ‘deep-minded’ or Aud the ‘deeply wealthy’).

"Stories for all time"
Stories for all time is a research project based at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Nordic research (Nordisk Forskningsinstitut). It aims to survey the transmission history of the Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda or legendary sagas.

Hvalsey church was probably built in the early 14th Century, and is located in the Norse settlement of Hvalsey (modern Qaqortoq). There are some indications it was built on the site of an earlier Norse church. Photo by David Trood - Visit Greenland

Photo by Ella Grødem - Visit Greenland

A brief description of traces of Vikings in Northern Ireland along the Causeway Coastal route in County Antrim, Northern-Ireland. Archaeological finds, local legends and places such as Larne or Ulfreksfjord, Fair Head, Rathlin Island and Dunluce…

Three museums in Waterford's Viking Triangle. Reginald's Tower houses a number of Viking exhibits.

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Peel Castle in the Isle of Man was originally constructed by the Norse King Magnus Barefoot, who reigned in the eleventh century. It incorporated an earlier celtic round-tower into the defences. Several important Viking Age finds have been recovered…
What is Old Norse? How old is it? How is it related to English and the other languages of Northern Europe?

In this first video of a planned series, Dr. Jackson Crawford (UC Berkeley) sets out what you need to know about the language in order to…
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