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The shoulder-sleeve and shoulder loop insignia of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) from this high-school in Bulter, GA. They feature a horned helmet and battle axes, and a viking warrior emerging from a viking ship respectively.…

Poster from the 1930s advertising Scandinavia as a travel destination with the slogan 'See the Lands of the Vikings'. A. Bortzells TR. AB. STMLN

A traffic light box outside Four Couts in Dublin painted with a scene entitled 'The Viking Holiday' by Hugh Madden, as part of the Dublin Canvas Project.

This coin was issued in 2008 and features the reconstructed Viking ship Havhingsten, or the Sea Stallion from Glendalough.

A blog by Irish archaeologist Alva Mac Gowan, documenting this year's summer voyage with the reconstructed Viking ship Havhingsten (the Sea Stallion from Glendalough) as it takes part in the Kongens Togt (King's Journey) commemorating Cnut's conquest…

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An aerial photograph taken in 1962, showing the barrier in the Roskilde Fjord constructed to excavate the five Skuldelev ships. These ships are now on display in the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

These sherbet glasses are part of the Viking range produced by the Dema Glass company in Chesterfield, England (no longer in operation). Their logo was a viking ship, as pictured here.

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Metal sculpture 'Baite Viking Ship' evoking a beached Viking vessel, by artist Betty Newman-Maguire. Located near to the controversial Dublin City Council Civic Offices development on Wood Quay. Dublin Millennium Commission, 1988.

Hat in a souvenir shop in Lerwick, Shetland, featuring a Viking ship, and produced by Beechfield Original Headwear

Boat-builder using traditional techniques and tools to reconstruct a small clinker-built boat at the wharf area of the Ribe VikingCenter. Ships were vital for local trade and transport as well as for raiding activities and exhibitions further…

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Breasthook from the bow of a boat or ship from excavations in Fishamble Street in Dublin. Dated between the tenth and twelfth century.
Hanz assembles this classic LEGO VIKINGS Ship and the Midgard Serpent #7018 in 1.5 minutes via the magic of Time-Lapse photography. PLEASE VIEW IN HD!

Created by Hanz Hosler and Tom Hosler

From LEGO:
LEGO VIKINGS Ship Challenges the Midgard…

Silver tea caddy spoon produced by Charles Horner, featuring a viking ship with dragon prow.

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Iron axes, scrapers, and clinker nails associated with ship building or repair in Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

Souvenir coin from the Heritage Park featuring a Viking ship. The Heritage park itself features several reconstructed Viking houses.

A mural in concrete on the Viking Centre, Essex Street, in the Temple Bar area of Dublin, depicting a Viking ship. The Centre was completed in 1997, and the mural was commissioned from artist by artist Grace Weir. It is a nod to the Viking heritage…

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These souvenir steins include typical images associated with the Vikings: horned helmets, weapons, viking ships, and beards! Seen in Copenhagen airport.

Dansk Mjød is a brewer in Billund, Denmark that produces mead and mead-based products including beer, mustard and bitters.

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A souvenir snow-globe with a troll drinking from a flagon and sporting a horned helmet and axe, next to a small viking ship. Seen in Copenhagen airport.
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