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A reconstruction of the stem of the Oseberg ship marks the Slottsfjellsmuseum.

A reconstructed Viking ship in Lofoten, Norway. The design appears to be based on the Gokstad ship.

Waterford Ship.jpg
A replica Viking ship on display outside Reginalds Tower Viking Museum.

Viking Ship Carving.jpg
A Viking ship carving in Reginalds Tower Viking Museum, Waterford city

Waterford Ship.jpg
A reconstructed Viking Ship outside Reginalds Tower Viking Museum in Waterford.

Waterford Ship.jpg
A replica Viking ship outside Reginalds Tower Viking Museum in Waterford.

Information leaflet about the Sólfar sculpture, often described as a 'Viking ship' and the artist Jón Gunnar Árnason.

Sólfar / Sun Voyager by artist Jón Gunnar Árnason is often described as a Viking ship, when in fact the inspiration is more complex, as this information put together by the artist's daughter, Thorbjörg Jónsdóttir, explains. The document…

A boat with a rune-like script for its name. Ringhorne is the modern Norwegian version of Hringhorni, the name of Balder's ship. Hringhorni was supposed to be the largest ship in Asgard.

A dragon figurehead on one of the reconstructed Viking ships at Tonsberg Viking Festival.

Saga Oseberg sardines may be the most expensive sardines in the world. The money is used to support the maintenance and running of Saga Oseberg ship, a recreation of the Oseberg ship

Prinsesse Kristina is a modern recreation based on Skuldelev 5, a warship of the Snekkja type that had 13 pairs of oars. The main difference is that this recreation has a rudder, instead of a steering oar. The ship is named for King Hakon…

A replica of the Klåstad ship is being built outside the Quality Hotel Tønsberg, in the middle of the area used for the Viking festival. The Klåstad ship was found in 1893 and is on display at Slottsfjellsmuseet in Tønsberg. It was found in a mud…

Detail shot showing the carving at the stem of Saga Oseberg at the Tønsberg Viking Festival.

Various views of the reconstructed Viking ships at the Tonsberg Viking festival.

Reconstructed Viking ships at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. The ship closest to the foreground is Saga Oseberg, a reconstruction of the Oseberg ship. In the background is the Viking festival itself.

A shop in Tønsberg selling brewing kits and offering courses in how to brew beer. It uses a stylised version of the Oseberg ship as its logo. The shop also uses a rune-like font to reinforce the Norseness of its brand.

Viking cream cheese.jpg
A soft cheese branded with a Viking longship for no readily apparent reason. Seen in a Dutch supermarket.
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