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A wiki about Viking Age and medieval Norway that was developed as a school project.

Agder Vikinglag.png
Agder Vikinglag is a reenactment and living history group that runs many activities related to Viking culture

Bonze-Age depictions of ships from Solbakk, Rogaland, Norway. For a higher resolution image, see

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Aker i Viken is a small living history group based in Oslo that focuses on Viking-Age handicrafts.

Past Horizons smallLOGO.png
Archaeology News from Past Horizons. Report on archaeological findings in Trondheim, Norway.
Documentary about a huge and spectacular, but forgotten viking burialmound, excavated in 1874. English subtitles. (p) 2009

Askøy Vikinglag is a reenactment group in Askøy near Bergen, with a permanent base at Herdla fort. The group focuses on recreating and presenting the Vikings' way of life, handicrafts and activities.

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An online entry in Store norske leksikon for the Viking Age in Norway

Bodvin Vikinglag.jpg
Boðvin Vikinglag is a Viking reenactment group in Bodø, Norway.

Borre Vikinglag.png
Borre Vikinglag is a group of Viking reenactors in Vestfold, Norway.

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Borrefylkingen is a reenactment group in Vestfold, Norway. The group focuses on Viking-Age warfare.

Eiker was a centre of power in the Drammen region during the Late Iron Age, as is shown by these new finds. Surveys using georadar show that there are the remains of several structures in the area, including a 30m long longhouse.

St Olaf of Norway, patron saint of carvers, difficult marriages, kings, the Faroe Islands and Norway. The article provides a biography of St Olaf.

The marble fountain in Oslo City Hall depicts Yggdrasill with the Norns at its base ready to water it, and the various animals that live in its branches. It was designed by Dagfin Werenskiold.

Drammen Vikingmarknad.jpg
Drafn Vikinglag is a living history group that promotes Viking sports and handicrafts. The group organises Drafn Viking Market, and is engaged with education about the Viking Age.

3 fridge magnets, 2 from Sweden and 1 from Norway. The two magnets to the left are probably from recent years, ( since 2010), while the one to far right is probably from 1980's. The magnets are classic examples of the stereotypical Viking with…

Makt og maktsentre i vikingtid og middelalder: Maktsentre på Østlandet fra ca. 800 til 1200 e. Kr. i Snorre og arkeologiske kilder

av Even Ballangrud Andersen

Masteroppgave i historie
Institutt for arkeologi, konservering og historie…

Fenring Vikinglag.jpg
Fenring Vikinglag is a reenactment and living history group

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A living history group that is interested in recreating and mediating all aspects of Viking Age culture and daily life.
From this years Blot at Agder Vikinglags marked at Bronseplassen, Norway
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