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This is a translation of Bjarkamál in fornu which was sung by the skald Thormod before the battle of Stiklestad.

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Digital copies of publications produced by the Viking Society for Northern Research, including 'Saga Book' vols. I–XXXVIII, 'A New Introduction to Old Norse', a number of significant texts in translation, and various other articles, essays, and…

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Webstedet Studér Middelalder På Nettet indeholder danske tekster fra middelalderen i tekstkritiske udgaver. Materialet dækker: perioden ca. 1100-1515; sprogene gammeldansk og latin; genrer som ridderromaner, krøniker og lovtekster; og forskellige…

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Breen's PhD thesis on the Old Norse berserkr. The thesis itself is not available to view online but the link provides details of how to view it.

Breen, G. J. (1999). Berserkr in Old Norse and Icelandic literature. (doctoral thesis).

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Schorn's thesis on Old Norse wisdom poetry. The thesis is downloadable at the link for this item.

Schorn, B. E. (2012). 'How can his word be trusted?': speaker and authority in Old Norse wisdom poetry (doctoral thesis).

Rebecca Merkelbach on outlaws, trolls and berserkers in the Icelandic sagas. This article considers how different types of characters in the sagas are monstrous.

A blog that is primarily about monsters, but with reference to the author's research into monsters in the Icelandic sagas.

A scholarly edition of the late Eddic (or Eddic-style) poem 'Hrafnagaldur Óðins' (Odin's Raven Spell) by Annette Lassen, for the Viking Society for Norther Research (2011). The edition is available to download as a PDF.
Hrafnagaldur Óðins is a late-medieval or early modern Icelandic Eddic-style poem, which was considered by early editors to be part of the Eddic corpus.

According to the performer, Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, who chants the poem in the…

A useful introductory essay on Skaldic Poetry by Dr Debbie Potts, produced as part of the 'Modern Poets on Viking Poetry' Project and hosted by ASNC at Cambridge.

Common accents in Old Norse.pdf
A handy reference produced by Joanne Shortt Butler giving the common accents in ON, and the shortcuts for using them in MS Word.

hooked O.pdf
A handy shortcut for the characters hooked-o and long hooked-o, produced by Joanne Shortt Butler. The characters can be cut and pasted into Word docs.

Old Norse Lit - Hrafnkels saga.pdf
A handout produced by Joanne Shortt Butler on the Old Norse literature topic of 'The Saga of Hrafnkel Frey’s Godi', including background reading, questions to think about, and a glossary of terms and letters.

A handout produced by Joanne Shortt Butler on the origins of sagas: composition and tradition, including a timeline, extracts from sagas, and a reading list.

Scandinavian history in the Viking Age.pdf
A short handout produced by Joanne Shortt Butler on the topic of Ari Thorgilsson’s Book of the Icelanders and Icelandic Identity, including a short reading list, questions, and a glossary of terms and characters.

Week 7 lecture handout Laxdœla saga.pdf
Handout on Laxdœla saga saga (The Saga of the People of Laxárdalr) by Joanne Shortt Butler, including extracts from the saga, a family tree and reading list.

Brynhild Hel Website.mp3
A performance of the Eddic Poem 'Helreið Brynhildar' (Brynhild's Ride to Hel) by the ensemble Moirai (Hanna Marti vocals, and Mara Winter, flute and vocals). Moirai, founded in Reykjavik in 2015,specializes in the music of the Early and High…

Gripir for website.mp3
Short clip of a performance of 'Grípisspá' (Grípir's Prophecy) by the ensemble Moirai (Hanna Marti vocals, and Mara Winter, flute and vocals). Moirai, founded in Reykjavik in 2015,specializes in the music of the Early and High…

Völundarkviða translation.pdf
A translation of the Old Norse poem Völundarkviða from the Poetic Edda by Josefina Troncoso (@kriemhildsrache on Twitter), a 3rd year English student at Durham University. This is one of the mythological poems, and is related to the tale of…
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