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Gjermundbu hjelm.jpg
The only surviving Viking Age helmet. It is on display in Oslo

A selection of Viking Age swords on display at the Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo, Norway.

A comb on display at the Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo

Oseberg 1.jpg
The Oseberg ship is on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. It was found in a grave mound at Oseberg in Norway with the remains of two women, and with a large amount of grave goods.

Weather Vane.jpg
The Källunge weather vane from Källunge, Gotland, Sweden was once on the church there. It is decorated in a transitional Mammen/Ringerike style.

The Gjermundbu helmet is the only Viking Age helmet that has been found in Norway. It was found in a burial mound near Haugsbygda in Ringerike in 1943 along with remains of mail armour, 2 spears, 2 axes, 4 shield bosses, spurs stirrups, and several…
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