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Wooden rule with the younger futhark burnt into it, updated to include additional modern letters. Made by Sofie Louise Jensen.

A tent opened up to become a shop at Tønsberg Viking Festival. It sells a variety of reproduction goods, including pendants, wooden plaques, beads and much more.

Advertising poster for the Tonsberg Viking Festival. The Norseness of the festival is reinforced by the use of a rune-like font.

Askøy Vikinglag is a reenactment group in Askøy near Bergen, with a permanent base at Herdla fort. The group focuses on recreating and presenting the Vikings' way of life, handicrafts and activities.

A basket of rune sticks using the younger futhark creatively to add modern letters not represented in the younger futhark. The runes have been burnt into the wood rather than carved. These were created by Sofie Louise Jensen (Runeristeren).

Bjørgvin Marknad.jpg
Bjørgvin Viking Market takes place each year at Hordamuseet. It is an event for re-enactors and living history enthusiasts, as well as being a tourist event

David is a photographer in Norway, who posts black and white images that include local Viking markets on the blog. This item links to one of those images, from which it is possible to find many more.

Pa Vikingers Vis.jpg
This blog post describes an event put on by Trondheim Vikinglag and has many good photos.

Bone tablets for tablet weaving. These would be used for weaving the braids that decorated the edges of Viking tunics.

Boxes featuring the Mammen mask were on sale at Tønsberg Viking Festival.

A dragon figurehead on one of the reconstructed Viking ships at Tonsberg Viking Festival.

A carved design on one of the tent boards at Tonsberg Viking Festival. The tents are designed so that one side can be raised as an awning to turn it into a shop.

Children's shields at Tønsberg Viking festival. They appear to have printed rather than painted designs.
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