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The parrel (left) was used to fix the sail to the mast on the ship. The rope tighteners would have been used wherever needed in the rigging.

A blog by Irish archaeologist Alva Mac Gowan, documenting this year's summer voyage with the reconstructed Viking ship Havhingsten (the Sea Stallion from Glendalough) as it takes part in the Kongens Togt (King's Journey) commemorating Cnut's conquest…
Woody Wiest talks about rigging the Draken Harald Hårfagre using hemp ropes.

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Balázs Bernáth et al have suggested that the Viking sun compass found at Uunartoq is a sun shadow board designed for determining local solar noon, because the gnomons on it contain errors that could lead to navigational problems.

A follow-up post about the practicalities of making sails for Viking ships. See the related items for earlier discussion on how Vikings made sails.

A blog post discussing the practicalities of making sails for Viking ships.

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A discussion of the naming of ships in medieval and modern times after the Viking Age woman Auður djúpúðga in Iceland.

An Irish woman's blog about going to Denmark to sail The Sea Stallion, a replica Viking ship.

This article discusses the process of building Havhingsten / The Sea Stallion.

A wooden fragment found at Uunartoq, Greenland, in 1948 has long been thought to be a sun compass that Vikings used to navigate. Balázs Bernáth, et al., from Eötvös University and Estrato Research and Development Ltd, both in Budapest, Hungary,…
EPISODE 1 of the Great British Viking Quest #GBVQ.

I take a bumpy flight across the ocean to speak at 'The Viking World - Diversity and Change' international conference at the University of Nottingham's Centre for Viking Studies. The event 'marks…

The story tells about the construction and sailing of a replica longship by Robert Asp of Moorhead, Minnesota. The replica was based on the Gokstad ship, and was sailed from New York to Norway in 1982. The ship is now on display in the Hjemkomst…

The Viking festival at Vordingborg was one stop on the route of the Sea Stallion as it sailed round Denmark in 2016.

M/V Thor Magni, a research/survey vessel, belonging to Thor Offshore which works with the oil industry. The company name is a direct reference to the Norse god Thor and is derived from "Hósvík", which means Thor's creek, where the company is based…

MS Sigyn was a Swedish ship that transported spent nuclear waste from Swedish nuclear power plants. She was named for Loki's wife, who held a bowl over his face to catch venom that was dripping onto it while he was chained up as punishment.
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