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Askøy Vikinglag is a reenactment group in Askøy near Bergen, with a permanent base at Herdla fort. The group focuses on recreating and presenting the Vikings' way of life, handicrafts and activities.
Lofotr Vikingmuseum – Borg , Lofoten North of Norway

Borg 700 - 1160 A.D.
In the early iron age (Norwegian 500 - 1030 A.D.). Borg had already been a powerful centre for hundreds of years. The oldest version of the Chieftain´s house was built…

Bjørgvin Marknad.jpg
Bjørgvin Viking Market takes place each year at Hordamuseet. It is an event for re-enactors and living history enthusiasts, as well as being a tourist event

David is a photographer in Norway, who posts black and white images that include local Viking markets on the blog. This item links to one of those images, from which it is possible to find many more.
From this years Blot at Agder Vikinglags marked at Bronseplassen, Norway

Viking Reenactment by June-Marita Hagen (Norsk).pdf
A discussion of Viking re-enactment.

Original text in Norwegian by June-Marita Hagen of Trondheim Vikinglag.
Translation by Roderick Dale, UCC

A reconstructed Viking tent stands between buildings at Bjørgvin Viking Market

The view of Bjørgvin Viking Market from a reconstruction Viking ship

Advertising poster for the Tonsberg Viking Festival. The Norseness of the festival is reinforced by the use of a rune-like font.

Reconstructed Viking ships at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. The ship closest to the foreground is Saga Oseberg, a reconstruction of the Oseberg ship. In the background is the Viking festival itself.

A view over the area of the Viking festival with Viking-style tents pitched around the site.

Various views of the reconstructed Viking ships at the Tonsberg Viking festival.

A selection of photographs taken around the Tønsberg Viking festival, showing the various wares on offer and the style of the tents.

A snack van at the Tønsberg Viking Festival trading on the Viking theme by selling Viking sausages and Oseberg cured salmon sandwiches.

A replica of the Klåstad ship is being built outside the Quality Hotel Tønsberg, in the middle of the area used for the Viking festival. The Klåstad ship was found in 1893 and is on display at Slottsfjellsmuseet in Tønsberg. It was found in a mud…
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