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A poster from 1957 by Trygve B. Pedersen for Norwegian American Line, with the slogan ''Norway - Enjoy Your Trip Go By Ship'.

A simple wooden chest in Vikingskipshuset. This chest would originally have held a sailor's possessions as well as being their seat while rowing. This chest contained grain and wild apples when it was found.

The parrel (left) was used to fix the sail to the mast on the ship. The rope tighteners would have been used wherever needed in the rigging.

This Viking Age dog collar was found in the Oseberg ship burial. It is made of leather with metal fittings.

Five carved animal heads were found in the Oseberg burial. One of these is too damaged to be displayed. Some of the heads were found with rope running through their mouths, like reins, and all were found with a rattle and a piece of rope.

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A blog post about women in the Viking Age and what the Oseberg ship burial means for our understanding of their levels of power and agency.

A wooden chair made of beech, and shoes of soft leather. The illustration beside the chair depicts the traces of paint that remained on the chair.

This chest had been broken into by grave robbers. When found, it still contained two combs, and pieces of leather and cloth.
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