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Tug boat registered to Copenhagen and named Svitzer Mjölnir after Thor's famous hammer. Another tug is named 'Trym' after the giant who stole Thor's hammer. The comic account of the recovery of the hammer is told in the eddic poem 'Þrymskviða'

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Mead Beer brewed by Dansk Mjød A/S, in Billund, Denmark and featuring a Thor's hammer on the label.

Tattoo of Thor's hammer (Mjölnir) designed by Oliver Hansen and featuring an inscription in older futhark runes.

Several Newspapers reported on Great British Bake Off contestant Tom Gilliford, and his efforts to make a Thor's hammer and World-Serpent shaped breads for episode 3 of the 2016 series, including this article in the Telegraph

The Thunderclap Ballad.pdf
An edition and translation of the Eddic poemÞrymskviða ('The Thunderclap Ballad'), detailing the theft and recovery of Thor's hammer, ed. and trans. Richard North. The edition and translation is excerpted fromThe Longman Anthology of Old…

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Elysian Elixirs E-Cigarettes brand their different flavours on gods, including Baldr and Mjolnir photographed in Weymouth, and Skadi on the website
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