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Boat named viking on Aldeburgh Beach in Suffolk. Situated on the east coast and firmly within the former Danelaw, this is an appropriate location for such a boat. Aldeburgh is an Old English name, meaning 'old fortification' - the site of a Roman…

A tug / pilot vessel used to guide large ships in and out of Reykjavik harbour - named after Thor's son Magni, gifted with prodigious strength.

A small reconstructed Viking boat named 'Gro', and usually located in the Irish National Heritage Park, Wexford, but photographed here on loan to the National Botanic Garden in Dublin for the Clontarf 2014 celebrations.

Faroe_stamp_176_viking_toys_-_carved_boat (1).jpg
One of a pair of Faroese stamps released in 1989 and designed by Bárður Jákupsson, featuring a Viking Age toy boat found in Toftanes, Leirvík. Listed as Stamp #FO 176. For the original boat, see here.

Image of the Nydam Boat found in Nydam Bog in southern Jutland, Denmark and now on display in Gottorf Castle. The boat dates to c. 310-320, and is the earliest ship find in Scandinavia, as well as the earliest example of a clinker-built boat yet…
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