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An essay about the mixing of religion and politics in modern heathenry that considers how different groups within heathenry interpret the texts.

Allegory in Heathenry; influence on the Viking Faith.pdf
Personal interpretation of Viking faith, inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and influenced by spirituality and theosophy.

From the contributor:

"Rediscovering the profound þeosofi and spirituality in Heathenry - every concept, and the many…

2016-08-15 (3).png
An article about the resurgence of Norse paganism in Iceland.

2016-08-15 (2).png
In early 2015 it was reported that a temple was to be built to the old Norse gods in Iceland.

Reconstruction of a Níðstang outside the vǫlva's dwelling in Ribe VikingCenter. The Níðstang was a deeply insulting public act of scorn, and is represented in the sagas as a carved pole covered with a horse's head. The scorn of…

This is an interpretative reconstruction of vǫlva (or seeresse's) dwelling at Ribe VikingCenter. This building is inhabited by a re-enactor who holds pagan (or Ásatrú) beliefs, to add to the authenticity of the setting ant the rituals…

An essay about berserksgangr from the perspective of a modern Asatru follower and priest of Odin.
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