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The sled poles found in the Oseberg ship were not found with the sleds, and thus probably do not belong directly to any of the sleds. They are highly decorated with carvings, and were probably around 2m long originally.

A pine bucket with an iron handle. It was originally bound with hoops of beech wood. The bucket has a runic inscription that says 'Sigrid owns'.

A simple wooden chest in Vikingskipshuset. This chest would originally have held a sailor's possessions as well as being their seat while rowing. This chest contained grain and wild apples when it was found.

The Oseberg ship burial include four sleds or sleighs, all decorated with wooden carving. When they were found, traces of red, reddish brown, black, yellow, and grey white paint were found on some of the artefacts, and the sleds were among the most…

This handle fits into the slot on the head posts and would have enabled a person to carry it as part of a ceremony.

These carved pieces are original elements of the stem of the Oseberg ship, showing how highly decorated it was and how well preserved the woodwork was.

These photographs show pieces of rope from the Oseberg ship, some with wooden ties still attached.
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