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The Gilling Sword was found in a stream in Gilling West in 1976. It is on display at The Yorkshire Museum, York.

A Viking-Age stirrup in The Yorkshire Museum, York

A gold Viking arm-ring in The Yorkshire Museum, York. It was found among the possessions of a local builder after his death.

The Bedale hoard was found in 2012. It consists of gold and silver items, and an inlaid gold sword hilt. These images were taken at The Yorkshire Museum in York

The story of Sigurd and Fafnir told in Volsunga saga was a popular one in Scandinavia and appears in many places. This carving shows Sigurd rushing to attack the dragon Fafnir

The Vale of York Hoard was found in 2007, and was the largest Viking Age hoard found in England since the Cuerdale Hoard. It is on display at The Yorkshire Museum in 2015. The hoard comprises a gilded silver cup, silver coins, silver objects and a…
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