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A wooden yarn winder made of beech, wooden spindles from drop spindles, a spindle whorl, and fragments of yarn found in the burial.

A wooden chair made of beech, and shoes of soft leather. The illustration beside the chair depicts the traces of paint that remained on the chair.

The wooden lid of a box with a lock made of horn or whale baleen. At the back of the photograph is a handle from a box.

This chest had been broken into by grave robbers. When found, it still contained two combs, and pieces of leather and cloth.

Part of a box found in the hole dug by the grave robbers. In the foreground of the photograph is a clasp from a box.

The sled poles found in the Oseberg ship were not found with the sleds, and thus probably do not belong directly to any of the sleds. They are highly decorated with carvings, and were probably around 2m long originally.

A pine bucket with an iron handle. It was originally bound with hoops of beech wood. The bucket has a runic inscription that says 'Sigrid owns'.

Cooking utensils from the Oseberg ship burial. These include an iron cauldron with tripod, pot stirrers, a frying pan, a knife and a bowl.
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