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Stamford Bridge's Viking past is commemorated in the local road signs, such as this one for Viking Road

Viking Banke Skagen Denmark road.jpg
How to live like a modern Viking: Live on Viking Banke. A residential road in Skagen on the Northern tip of Jutland, Denmark. It leads down to the dunes & the sea. In the neighbourhood, known as 'Bankekvarteret', several roads are named after North…

A road named Viking Road to reflect the historical significance of Stamford Bridge. Rebecca Hill (myself) in shot.

St Olavs gate (St Olav's Road) in Oslo is named for Olav Haraldsson who died at the battle of Stiklestad in 1030. He is largely credited with converting Norway to Christianity, although somewhat brutally. This process was ostensibly begun by Olav…

Idun was the goddess who tended the golden apples that kept the gods young.
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