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This statue of a troll stands outside the visitor centre at Geysir, and is a popular place for tourists to take photos. Trolls are a supernatural being (usually antagonist) featuring in Old Norse mythology, but since adopted and adapted in a variety…

A band of Vikings were exiled from Norway 1248. They sailed west and found an uninhabited island where the lived for many centuries until a plague hit the island in 1948. They left the island to escape the plague and found their way to America, which…

An essay about the short-lived comic 'The Vikings' (Dec. 1935 - December 1936).

Blog post about Ragnar's sons and The Netherlands; Sigurd, Ubbe, Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Hvitserk

Blog about life in tenth-century York and re-enactment

New cast announced: The grown-up versions of Ragnar's sons, Ubbe, Hvitserk, Ivar, Sigurd. Discussion of the new cast for Vikings

Essay about mythology in The Profit and The Loss, Vikings season 4

Helga and Floki
A discussion of how Floki in the Vikings tv series can be compared to Loki

Discussion of Vikings season 4 'What might have been'

Discussion of Vikings season 4 The Profit and The Loss

My view on the trailer for season 3 of Vikings

My journey to find something about Vikings in The Netherlands

Discussion of some trees in Norse mythology
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