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Surtsey is an island that was formed during an eruption in 1963-67. It was named Surtsey (Surt's Island) after the fire giant (or jötunn) Surtr, who will engulf the world with his flaming sword at Ragnarök.

Many place names in Iceland reference the earliest Norse settlers, such as this example of Ingólfshvoll (Ingólfr's Hill), referring to the first permanent settler, Ingólfr Arnarson whose name appears in several place names in the vicinity of…

Vélaverkstæðið Thor is a metalworking workshop in Heimaey in the Westman Islands. It uses the image of the Norse god Thor in its branding.

This is a photo of a building named Jötunheimar in Heimaey, the only permanently inhabited island in the Westman Islands. Jötunheimar refers to the 'Giant Land' of Norse mythology. However, we are not sure where this building got its name, or what…

The Icelandic sagas with modern Icelandic spelling
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