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Ribe VikingeCenter was established in 1992, and is one of the World's leading centers for living history and experiencing the Viking past. It consists of three main areas representing different periods of Viking history: a recreation of a marketplace and harbour from the eighth century; a series of town houses from 825 AD; and a long-house with 5 connected buildings dating from 980 AD. Each of these areas is populated by re-enactors and volunteers pursuing traditional crafts.

As stated on the Ribe VikingCentre Website, the purpose of the Centre is "to communicate Ribe's Viking Age history by bringing it to life in our reconstructed environments". There is a focus on immersive environments, education through experience, volunteers engaging in authentic crafts and pursuits, and experimental archaeology.

Reconstructions have been carried out in close co-operation with Den Antikvariske Samling, and the Centre is continually developing new techniques, concepts and experiences to help communicate Denmark's Viking past and to understand the everyday life of the Vikings through lived experience. 

The Center has also produced a series of educational videos about life in the Viking Age, and different crafts pursued at the centre.

More information available at the Official website

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