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Blog about life in tenth-century York and re-enactment
We travel to York, England for the Jorvik Viking Festival. Watch us get dressed in armor and take part in a battle Viking and Saxon warriors!


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Description taken from display in the Undercroft at York Minster: "The York Gospels was probably made by Anglo-Saxon monks at Canterbury around 1020 and brought to York by Archbishop Wulfstan. It is the only book from before the Norman Conquest to…

Knife blade with bone handle with incised ring and dot ornament and two bands of cross-hatching. More detail can be found at

Openwork chape with Jellinge style decoration found at Coppergate, York. Now in The Yorkshire Museum. More information can be found at

The sign for Fulford announces that a battle was fought here on 20th September 1066. The Vikings defeated the people of York in this battle that preceded the Battle of Stamford Bridge

The story of Sigurd and Fafnir told in Volsunga saga was a popular one in Scandinavia and appears in many places. This carving shows Sigurd rushing to attack the dragon Fafnir

The Bedale hoard was found in 2012. It consists of gold and silver items, and an inlaid gold sword hilt. These images were taken at The Yorkshire Museum in York

A gold Viking arm-ring in The Yorkshire Museum, York. It was found among the possessions of a local builder after his death.

A Viking-Age stirrup in The Yorkshire Museum, York

The Gilling Sword was found in a stream in Gilling West in 1976. It is on display at The Yorkshire Museum, York.

The Lloyds Bank Coprolite
The Jorvik Viking Centre recreates and displays Viking Age York as excavated on the site between 1976 and 1981.

The history of three Viking kings (Harald Bluetooth, Sweyn Forkbeard, Cnut the Great) told using sound and video projection mapping as a Son et Lumiere for Illuminating York 2013.

For detailed notes on the history used in this work follow these…

Little Vikings.png
Little Vikings is a print and online magazine that provides ideas for things to do with children in York and surrounding areas. Other than the branding and the York connection, the site has little to do with Vikings

A boat named Thor spotted on the River Ouse, York, during a Dinner Cruise.

Viking Ale and Battle Axe Ale by Rudgate Brewery

A re-enactment Viking at Jorvik Viking Festival 2009 with a Valknut symbol on his round shield.

The Jorvik Vikingr Re-enactment group showing an offensive shieldwall at Jorvik Viking Festival 2010.

Podcast on the BBC website in the series 'The Matter of the North' looking at the impact of the Vikings and Norman invasions on the North of England.

Presented by Melvin Bragg

Professor Judith Jesch, University of Nottingham

From the official website:

"Working in partnership with York Museums Trust, The JORVIK Group invites you to discover the hustle and bustle of Viking-age York in this special exhibition exploring trade, industry and everyday life in the city over…
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