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The origin of SPAM.

A clip from Monty Python's Flying Circus involving spam-loving vikings with horned helmets!

A remix of a public domain image of the Krogsta Rune stone in the archives of the Swedish National Heritage Board, by Lars Lundqvist. This image, which makes a comment on the possibilities afforded by Creative Commons images was produced as part of…

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A new comedy drama about the Vikings is being launched by Norwegian broadcasters NRK.

From the website
'If you're a Viking, you know that no matter how hard you try to stay filthy, some days you wake up feeling fresh and dry. Stop rubbing your arm pits with wolf slobber! Olaf Olafsson's Long Lasting Viking Odorant will keep you…
We travel to York, England for the Jorvik Viking Festival. Watch us get dressed in armor and take part in a battle Viking and Saxon warriors!


Find out more about Visit Britain &…
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