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Thors TipiBar.jpg
Thor's Tipi Bar is a pop-up Christmas bar that can be found in Sheffield, York and Leeds. It advertises itself as a friendly Viking bar where little Vikings are welcome, and uses the tagline 'Drink Feast Conquer Repeat'.

MEDICINE clothing collection entitled 'Viking Tales' with graphics referencing ideas about Viking Age art, mythology and runes.

Valhalla by Koskenkorva.jpg
Valhalla herb liqueur from Koskenkorva distillery, Ilmajoki, Finland. ’The spirit of Nordic legends.’ ‘The herb shot for real warriors.’ On promotion in Danish supermarket Føtex 2016. Story-telling website

Valravn (8).jpg
Valravn organic stout. ‘Dark as the soil of Funen’. From Bryggeriet Frejdahl.

Valravn organic stout from microbrewery Bryggeriet Frejdahl, Assens, Denmark. Frejdahl brewery established 2015 as part of Bryggeriet Vestfyen (West Funen…

'Wiking' is shop with building materials (e.g. paints, plasters, panels, wallpapers) located in Wolin, Poland.

More information about this shop can be found on shop's website:

Viking Sprinkler Kendra Willson.jpg
A sprinkler alarm by a company called Viking.

Viking Hardfiskur.jpg
Harðfiskur (English 'stockfish') is a delicious snack of naturally dried fish that is commonly eaten with butter on it. This brand is marketed as 'Viking'.

Viking Schnapps.jpg
Viking Schnaps is an alcoholic drink available in various flavours that are named for the Norse gods. Its tagline is 'Pure natural drink for real Vikings)

2016-11-04 (6).png
The Loki mountain bike, named for the Norse god, is marketed as being like Loki in that it can be all things to all people.

2016-11-04 (5).png
A kayak model named for Loki.

2016-11-04 (4).png
Protective gear and clothing for Motocross. Branded with the name of Thor, but there is no explanation for the choice on the site.

2016-11-04 (3).png
An IT company trading on the name of Odin. Nothing on the website explains why they have chosen the Norse god's name for their company.

2016-11-04 (2).png
The Freya brand of lingerie makes more sense than some examples of appropriation of Norse themes.

2016-11-04 (1).png
TYR swimwear, because sport is war! A range of swim- and sportswear named for the Norse god of war.

A company making sanitary ware that appears to be named for the Norse giant Ymir.

Advertising outside kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo. The posters feature the Gjermundbu helmet, treasure and a sword, thus evoking the Viking Age very strongly. The Viking Age exhibits within the museum are diverse, but the advertising focuses only on…

On the gift table at a party in Jutland, Denmark: Jyde Mjød [Jutland Mead] from Dansk Mjød [Danish Mead]. 20.6%. Fermented honey with hops & bitter.

Odins Haddeby is the cafe, restaurant and beer garden located in the vicinity of the Hedeby Viking Museum.

Viking Roses use a longship as their logo with a Danish flag. They are marketed as 'True Vikings: enduring, vigorous, healthy and CHARMING'. The brand thus plays on the strength and allure of Vikings.

Perfume named for 'the mythical Viking story about Thor and Odin. Not just for superheroes, we loved that it is also known as wisdom or the name for a goddess of wisdom.'

The brand trades on the name of the Eddic poem Völuspá.
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