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A small viking ship featuring a dragon prow with images of a horned helmet and viking warrior on the sail. Toy seen in Copenhagen airport.

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Innocent produced a series of magnets featuring letters of the alphabet illustrated by an object or subject starting with this letter. Here we see V illustrated by Vikings, using the most well known symbolism of horned helmets, shield, axe and ship.…

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T-shirt from Marks and Spencer (wearer is a one year old).

Artwork by Youghal artist John O'Mahony, featuring a Viking with beard and horned helmet. Youghal was founded as a temporary settlement by the Vikings, but there is little tangible reminder of this Viking heritage.

The Nordic Ice brand uses a stereotypical Viking with a horned helmet as its logo. It is made by Temperatsure.

A mug labeled Irish Vikings with images of longships, a Viking, and no less than three horned helmets.

A boat with the name 'Viking' and an image of a horned helmet. Seen on Regent's Canal in Hackney. The name Viking is a popular one for boats, particularly in the UK.

King Sitric.png
A restaurant and accommodation in Howth, Co. Dublin named after the Hiberno-Norse King of Dublin, King Sitric (Sigtryggr). They use a horned helmet in their logo.

'Wiking' is shop with building materials (e.g. paints, plasters, panels, wallpapers) located in Wolin, Poland.

More information about this shop can be found on shop's website:

A powdered sauce for meatballs produced by Knorr for the German market, and branded as a 'Viking Dish'.

A 'Viking' style Irish horned hat from Landsdowne Kid's Hats, seen in Dublin airport. One of the few examples of appropriation of Viking and Norse culture at a national level.

Viking Schnapps.jpg
Viking Schnaps is an alcoholic drink available in various flavours that are named for the Norse gods. Its tagline is 'Pure natural drink for real Vikings)

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Souvenir from Copenhagen featuring a viking ship with small figures wearing horned helmets. Produced by Memories of Denmark.

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A souvenir mug from Copenhagen airport featuring a girl with stylised Viking attire, axe and horned helmet. Produced by Memories of Denmark.

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Fridge magnet featuring a horned helmet, troll and shield with Danish Flag. Produced by Memories of Denmark.

DSC02477 (1280x960).jpg
A souvenir mug from Copenhagen airport featuring a boy with Viking attire and horned helmet. Produced by Memories of Denmark.

DSC02469 (1280x960).jpg
A doll with wild beard and horned helmet - the two most instantly recognisable signifiers of the vikings in the tourist industry. Produced by Memories of Denmark.

A promoter in Viking dress (with horned helmet) directing customers to Leo Burdock fish and chips in Temple Bar. The restaurant appears to be capitalising on the Viking heritage of Dublin.
The origin of SPAM.

A clip from Monty Python's Flying Circus involving spam-loving vikings with horned helmets!

Furniture shop in Lerwick, Shetland incorporating a small Viking figure with horned helmet in the logo. Their advert reads 'Delivering furniture is much easier these days'.
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