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Detail from the Oseberg Ship
The Viking ship museum in Oslo houses the Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune ships together with the grave goods from Oseberg.

The Nidhug is a 16 meter replica Viking ship, constructed in 1998 at Bramsnæs in the Roskilde Fjord by participants in an unemployment scheme, and is loosely based on the Gokstad ship in Norway. It is hired out as an excursion ship, and whilst it…

The story tells about the construction and sailing of a replica longship by Robert Asp of Moorhead, Minnesota. The replica was based on the Gokstad ship, and was sailed from New York to Norway in 1982. The ship is now on display in the Hjemkomst…

The Gokstad ship was found in a burial mound at Gokstad in Vestfold, Norway. The ship dates to c. 890 AD and the burial probably took place c. 900 AD. A single male skeleton was found with the ship, but the site had been plundered before excavation…

This burial chamber was constructed towards the stern of the Gokstad ship. A tall man in his 40s or 50s was buried in it. The chamber was covered with birch bark, and remnants of silk were found between the logs of the roof. The burial chamber…

The man buried on the Gokstad Ship was about 5' 11" to 6' tall (approx. 180cm to 183cm) and was of powerful build. He was in his 40s or 50s when he died.

Although not as showy now, as they would have been in the Viking Age, these peacock feathers are evidence of the wide international network of contacts that the Gokstad man would have had. The burial included two peacocks.
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