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Brunnhilde the Valkyrie was a recurring character in the Marvel universe. She has had multiple identities/bodies. The original Brunnhilde died during a revolt staged by Loki, but her spirit lives on in the Earth woman Samantha Parrington. who…

Donald Duck on the trail of the Vikings. A hardback book featuring Donald's dreams about adventures among the Vikings.

Spanish Asterix Comic Book

Vikings are a popular topic for comics, and this article discusses twelve comics with a Viking theme.

Beer steins featuring Hagar the Horrible (aka Harald Hirmuinen) in Finland. From left to right, they read 'That's it!', 'Searching for an equaliser', and 'Man of the house'.

Hagar the Horrible is known as Harald Hirmuinen (the Terrible) in Finland.

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A comic about a world where Vikings must fight off unicorns hungry for human flesh and bent on destroying humanity.

This is the story of a young Viking woman who sets out on a quest to end the tyrannical reign of the god-king Odin, and to free her people from war, slavery and the subjugation of women.

A band of Vikings were exiled from Norway 1248. They sailed west and found an uninhabited island where the lived for many centuries until a plague hit the island in 1948. They left the island to escape the plague and found their way to America, which…

An essay about the short-lived comic 'The Vikings' (Dec. 1935 - December 1936).
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