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On the photo are iron Thor's hammer and small, bronze axehead.

These amulets have been found in Århus (Árós in the Viking Age). Currently they are displayed on permanent exhibition in the Moesgård Museum.

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Bronze objects, including keys, found at Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

This is a stunning Borre style Trefoil brooch found in Wiltshire, one of over 20 on the Portable Antiquities Scheme's Database. To view the full record and associated metadata, go to

This 'plaque', in a form of a dragon- snake-head, has been cast of bronze. Probably it was a part of a bigger find.

This find is a part of permanent exhibition in Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

Bronze casting is one of several traditional crafts carried out at the Viking Marketplace in Ribe VikingCenter, where visitors can interact with the craftspeople at work. For more information about the Center, see item#1007and the section on Bronze…

A bronze ear scoop (c. 800-1099) from Birka discovered in excavations on the island of Birka (Björkö) in the late nineteenth century. For higher resolution and more images, see the website here

Bronze pin and bone or antler comb found in a male Viking grave near Larne, County Antrim, in 1840. The grave dates dating from the tenth century. On loan from Duke of Northumberland at the Ulster Museum, Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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There are several bronze plaques around the Wood Quay area (the centre of Viking Dublin) which indicate where artefacts were discovered in the city. Some of these artefacts can be viewed in the National Museum. Erected by Dublin City Council.

Bronze Thor's hammer has been found in trade emporium in Hedeby / Haithabu.

This find is a part of permanent exhibition in Hedeby Viking Museum / Wikinger Museum Haithabu.

A selection of oval brooches and trefoil brooches on display at kulturhistorisk museum.

Openwork chape with Jellinge style decoration found at Coppergate, York. Now in The Yorkshire Museum. More information can be found at

The finds from this grave were primarily tools, including pliers, a frying pan and a pot handle. The display also includes bronze oval brooches, glass beads and other pieces of jewellery.

Finds from a vǫlva's grave in Köpingsvik, Öland. There is an 82 cm long wand of iron with bronze details and a unique model of a house on the top. There is also a pitcher from Persia or Central Asia, and a West European bronze bowl. Dressed in a…

A pre-Viking razor fragment from theLate Bronze Age, period V. FromStrærup, Sogn.For a higher resolution image see
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