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Balder is a digestif like Jägermeister and similar spiced liqueurs. It uses a Lewis gaming piece rook as its logo, but also plays on the name of the Norse god Baldr as part of its marketing strategy.

Eulogy on the House.pdf
An edition and translation of the skaldic poemHúsdrápa ('Eulogy on the House') by the poetÚlfr Uggason (early 990s). The edition and translation is excerpted fromThe Longman Anthology of Old English, Old Icelandic, and…

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Elysian Elixirs E-Cigarettes brand their different flavours on gods, including Baldr and Mjolnir photographed in Weymouth, and Skadi on the website

A boat with a rune-like script for its name. Ringhorne is the modern Norwegian version of Hringhorni, the name of Balder's ship. Hringhorni was supposed to be the largest ship in Asgard.

Balders vei (Balder's Way) is named for Balder who was killed with a dart made from mistletoe.
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