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An Icelandic-English dictionary, based on the ms. collections of the late Richard Cleasby. Enl. and completed by Gudbrand Vigfússon. With an introduction and life of Richard Cleasby by George Webbe Dasent.Download the dictionary from…

Birkebeinerne_på_Ski_over_Fjeldet_med_Kongsbarnet (2).jpg
From Wikimedia Commons: Depiction of Birkebeiner skiers carrying Prince Haakon to safety during the winter of 1206 has become a national Norwegian icon. The prince grew up to be King Haakon IV whose reign marked the end of the period known as the…

Painting History.jpg
A blog post about paintings of Viking raids.

Liebig Company used a series of images of Old Norse gods and heroes to advertise their meat products in the late nineteenth century, some influenced by Wagner's 'Der Ring des Nibelungen'. The company was headquartered in London.

Via Wikimedia Commons: Recoloured crop of larger painting showing a romanticised view of the 11th century Althing (Viking parliament) in session. More information at

A famous 1826 depiction of the Battle of Clontarf by the Irish Landscape painter, Hugh Frazer. Held at the Isaacs Art Center in Hawaii.
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