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Clontarf whiskey named for the battle of Clontarf in 1014 when Brian Boru defeated a Viking army. The whiskey's story fails to mention that Brian Boru had Viking allies, or that he died in the battle.

Use of Clontarf's Norse history and the Viking brand (including horned helmet) in this restaurant - the Vikings Steakhouse

A famous 1826 depiction of the Battle of Clontarf by the Irish Landscape painter, Hugh Frazer. Held at the Isaacs Art Center in Hawaii.

The Viking Theatre draws on the Viking past of Clontarf, and the international significance of the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.The website describes the theatre as follows: "The Viking Theatre aims to provide a professional, artistic outlet for both…

This is a group of reenactors dressed as Viking reenactors at the massive Battle of Clontarf Festival in April 2014. This item may be useful for anyone with an interest in how Vikings are portrayed at Living History and Reenactment events.
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