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Viking Women

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This exhibit explores women's place in the Viking Age. It considers what their roles were, what they wore, and how women explore the Viking Age past in the present through reenactment. It also discusses the ever-popular shieldmaiden and valkyries. The exhibit is constructed from items submitted to The World-Tree Project or previously digitised and freely available online. If you see a topic that is not covered here, please leave a comment and suggest items that might be added to the database so we can expand the exhibit.


Pendant from ÖlandImage based on the Silver 'Valkyrie' Pendant from Öland (view the original here)

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Performing Old Norse Poetry

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This exhibit (currently under construction) explores the different ways in which the Viking Past, and particularly Old Norse poetry, is performed in the 21st Century. It has been put together from materials included in the World-Tree archive or previously digitised and freely available.


World Tree

Illustration from Christian Krohg's Heimskringla (1899) of Bersi Skáldtorfuson composing poetry in chains.

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Representations of the World-Tree (Sample)


The World-Tree (named Yggdrasill in Old Norse) is the living entity that bridges the various regions of the Norse cosmos. It was chosen as the name for this community collection and knowledge-exchange initiative because it represents the preeminent symbol of connectivity in the Viking world. This exhibit looks at how the World-Tree was represented in medieval Scandinavia, and how its symbolism has been appropriated in modern contexts. 


World Tree

Image based on the Överhogdal tapestries (see here for the original)

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Vikings in the 21st-Century


This exhibit shows a variety of ways in which modern people engage with, recreate, and reinvent the Vikings to make them relevant to their own lives. It uses items submitted to The World-Tree Project or previously digitised and freely available online.

Vikings at Clontarf re-enactment
Image based on a remix of an historical photo of the Krogsta Rune Stone by Lars Lundqvist

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