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Material from the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway.

Contributors: Administrator

The Maja Bäckvall Runestone Collection

A collection of photos of runestones donated by Maja Bäckvall.

Contributors: Maja Bäckvall

Tamara Bakx's Blog


Items from Tamara Bakx's blog

Contributors: Tamara Bakx

Ribe Viking Center (Ribe VikingeCenter)


Ribe VikingeCenter was established in 1992, and is one of the World's leading centers for living history and experiencing the Viking past. It consists…

Contributors: The World-Tree Project

Resources for Old Norse Literature

Educational resources relating to the teaching and study of Old Norse literature (both poetry and prose).

Contributors: Tom Birkett

Rediscovering the Vikings Conference


Two-day conference held at University College Cork (25 and 26 Nov. 2016) on the topic of 'Rediscovering the Vikings: Reception, Recovery, Engagement'.

Contributors: Tom Birkett

Rebecca Hill


Items submitted by Rebecca Hill

Projects and Online Resources


Projects in the field of Old Norse Viking Studies

Orkney Viking Heritage Project


The Orkney Viking Heritage Project was a training programme for PhD students and early career researchers in the field of Old Norse-Icelandic and…

Contributors: Tom Birkett

National Museum of Ireland


The National Museum of Ireland holds an excellent collection of Viking Age artefacts

Contributors: Administrator

Helen Leslie-Jacobsen Undergraduate Resources

Beowulf prep sheet.pdf

A series of resources relating to undergraduate courses in Viking studies

Contributors: Helen F. Leslie-Jacobsen



A museum of daily life from the medieval period to the present day.



Educational resources and photos from Dublinia: Experience Viking and Medieval Dublin. To learn more, or to arrange a visit,…

Contributors: Admin