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Free vector image based on the depiction of Sleipnir on the Tjängvide image stone (G 110)

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"Playing cards depicting the Norse pagan gods and characters from the myths as interpreted by Icelandic artist Nína Björk Bjarkadóttir. An explanatory booklet is included in…

Postcard of the burning of the galley at Lerwick's Up Helly Aa. On the reverse there are runes which appear to read 'Viking Prints', though the alphabet used is the older futhark.

A copy of a Viking-Age 'ear-scoop' found in excavations at Birka, Sweden. The replica can be purchased on the Viking Shield websitehere

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A replica of a silver pendant found in Östergötland, Sweden and on display in Historiska Museet, Stockholm. It is widely believed to represent the goddess Freyja. These earrings and pendants were seen in Museet Ribes Vikinger.

Photographed in a souvenir shop in Reykjavik. The source for this image of Sleipnir is probably the Tjängvide image stone.

The Eyrarland Statue is a small bronze seated figure, which is widely understood to represent Thor with his hammer. The original was found at Eyrarland near Akureyri and dates from the year 1000. It is housed in the National Museum of Iceland. These…

A press image released by the National Museum of Denmark to promote the Viking Exhibition (2013), featuring a brightly painted replica of the Jelling Stone.
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