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The insignia of the 47th Infantry Division, whose units come from the states of Minnesota and North Dakota (with high levels of Scandinavian immigration). The insignia features a horned helmet, and a shield of Thor, apparently referring to the Marvel…

A search for articles relating to Vikings on the Society for Medieval Military History. Keyword: Viking

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The emblem of the 440th Airlift Wing of the US Airforce contains a "winged viking helmet" in its design.

Unit insignia for the 94th Cavalry Regiment, which features the motto 'Viking Vanguard'. The connection is probably with Minnesota, where the regiment is based, and the high levels of Scandinavian immigration to this region of the US.

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The insignia of the 147th Finance Battalion of the US Army features a horned viking helmet, referencing their linear connection to the 47th infantry division. Minnesota is an area of the US with high levels of historic immigration from Scandinavia.…

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The insignia of this US Army infantry battalion, featuring a Viking ship and two knives. According to the official website "The Viking ship symbolizes the activation in Iceland as part of the 2nd Battalion Combat Team."

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The distinctive unit insignia of the 86th US Engineer Battalion, featuring a Viking ship under sail. According to the official website, "the Viking ship is symbolic of the bridge-building activities of the organization, such ships having first been…

The BvS 10 is an all-terrain, amphibious vehicle used by the British Royal Marine Commandoes. They have given it the designation 'Viking' because it is a Swedish design.

Several of the original posts from the Ravning Bridge are displayed in the Kongernes Jelling Centre, alongside a multimedia display about the bridge itself with an artists impression of the original. The bridge, constructed in 979 or 980 lies 10km…

The Ravning Bridge (Danish Ravningbroen) is one of the most important archaeological sites in Denmark. It is located in the valley of the River Vejle, around 10km south of the important fortification at Jelling, crossing what is now known as Ravning…
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