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Recently Added Items

Blot at Gamla Uppsala


This blot was held at the ancient pagan burial mounds of Uppsala and was organised by Samfundet Forn Sed Sverige.…

Runic Banana

Runic Banana.jpg

Not every item we receive is wholly serious. This runic banana is an excellent example of modern reuse and engagement with the past. It was left…

Loft (Storehouse) from Telemark


A medieval storehouse from Telemark.

Medieval Farmhouse


A Norwegian farmhouse from the second half of the thirteenth century.

Medieval Lyre


A medieval lyre from c.1300. It has the same form as the lyre featured on the Hylestad church portal.

Replica of Church Portal from Hylestad Stave Church


Replica of the carvings of the portal to Hylestad stave church. The carvings show scenes from the Sigurd legend.



A primstav is a calendar stick that uses pictures to indicate the major non-moving religious holidays. The pictures on this one are rune-like. The…