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IHTA: Towns of Viking Origin

2016-12-06 (1).png

The Irish Historic Towns Atlas is now online with a series of pages on towns of Viking origin.

Commercial: Thor's Tipi Bar

Thors TipiBar.jpg

Thor's Tipi Bar is a pop-up Christmas bar that can be found in Sheffield, York and Leeds. It advertises itself as a friendly Viking bar where little…

MEDICINE clothing collection 'Viking Tales'


MEDICINE clothing collection entitled 'Viking Tales' with graphics referencing ideas about Viking Age art, mythology and runes.

3 fridge magnets


3 fridge magnets, 2 from Sweden and 1 from Norway. The two magnets to the left are probably from recent years, ( since 2010), while the one to far…

Conference Programme for 'Rediscovering the Vikings'

Rediscovering the Vikings Conference Programme BOOKLET.pdf

This is the final programme and conference booklet for 'Rediscovering the Vikings: Reception, Recovery, Engagement' at University College Cork on 25…

Selection of Jewellery on display at Ribe VikingCenter


Bronze and silver jewellery based on Viking-Age designs are produced using traditional methods and sold at the Viking Market in the Ribe VikingCenter,…

Wikinger Knacker product with Viking ship logo


A brand of sausage from Wikinger, which uses a Viking ship as its logo. This photo was submitted from Germany, but the brand also has a British market…

'Yggdrasil' by Dagfin Werenskiold in Oslo City Hall


The marble fountain in Oslo City Hall depicts Yggdrasill with the Norns at its base ready to water it, and the various animals that live in its…

Innocent Drinks V-for-Viking Magnet

DSC04935 (960x1280).jpg

Innocent produced a series of magnets featuring letters of the alphabet illustrated by an object or subject starting with this letter. Here we see V…