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A hnefatafl set at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. Although the board has been printed, the pieces are just stones that have been found. Hnefatafl could be very easily played in this way, by scratching a board onto a convenient flat surface and using…

Iron shears and hooks of types that would have been used in the Viking Age.

Leather, lamellar-style armour on a stall at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. This type of armour is based on a find from Birka, whose origins were in Central Asia or Siberia. There does not appear to have been a native tradition of wearing this type…
Lofotr Vikingmuseum – Borg , Lofoten North of Norway

Borg 700 - 1160 A.D.
In the early iron age (Norwegian 500 - 1030 A.D.). Borg had already been a powerful centre for hundreds of years. The oldest version of the Chieftain´s house was built…

These boxes show the wide variety of colours that beads from the Viking Age could come in. The photograph was taken at the Tønsberg Viking Festival.

A rack of naturally-dyed wool showing the range of colours that Viking Age clothes could have come in. The Vikings are known to have liked colourful clothes, and this photographs demonstrates what could be achieved with the technology they…

Oseberg textile group practises Viking Age handicrafts related to textile production, including naturally-dyed yarn, spinning with a drop spindle, etc. The sign is produced in faux-runic lettering to enhance the appearance of Vikingness.

Performers at the Tønsberg Viking festival perform for and engage with the crowd.

Prinsesse Kristina is a modern recreation based on Skuldelev 5, a warship of the Snekkja type that had 13 pairs of oars. The main difference is that this recreation has a rudder, instead of a steering oar. The ship is named for King Hakon…

A replica of the Klåstad ship is being built outside the Quality Hotel Tønsberg, in the middle of the area used for the Viking festival. The Klåstad ship was found in 1893 and is on display at Slottsfjellsmuseet in Tønsberg. It was found in a mud…

Reconstructed Viking ships at the Tønsberg Viking Festival. The ship closest to the foreground is Saga Oseberg, a reconstruction of the Oseberg ship. In the background is the Viking festival itself.

Various views of the reconstructed Viking ships at the Tonsberg Viking festival.

This leather faux-runic notice states that accepts credit cards. It says 'Vi tar kort' 'We accept credit cards'.

A runic sign at Tønsberg Viking Festival. It reads Heiðrún. Heiðrún was the goat that produced mead for the einherjar in Valhalla.

These photographs are of several full-sized shields around Tønsberg Viking Festival. They feature a range of designs.

A view over the area of the Viking festival with Viking-style tents pitched around the site.

A medieval style dress in a shop in Tønsberg. It has a belt clasp with a stylised Oseberg ship on it.

Viking Festivals Vestfold.jpg
Facebook group providing news about Viking festivals in the Vestfold area.
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