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Shetland place names leaflet thumbnail.jpg
A leaflet produced by Shetland Amenity Trust, giving information about Shetland's Norse place names

Explanation of the construction of the Norwegian Stave Church and the history of Christianity in Heimaey

Greeting when you Visit Vejle.jpg
One Viking And His Runestones. First person to greet you when you step out of the railway station (‘Banegården’) in beautiful Vejle, Denmark.

Logo of, a co-operative initiative by the Clontarf Residents’ Association, the Clontarf Business Association and Web Together. The logo features a Viking ship, drawing on the Norse heritage of Clontarf.

DSC01565 (1280x960).jpg
Information board about the Vikings in Youghal Heritage Centre and Tourist Office

The official home page for Anundshög, Sweden’s largest prehistoric burial mound, and Viking Age ship setting.

A short walking tour of Dublin's Viking and Medieval sites from the website

Three walking tours of medieval Dublin with maps, produced by The third tour is named 'Dublinia', starting from this Viking interpretative centre, and focusing on the Viking history of this area of Dublin.

An information board outside Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, which refers to the founding of the first church on this site by the Hiberno-Norse King Sitric (or Sigtryggr) around the year 1030.
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