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"Playing cards depicting the Norse pagan gods and characters from the myths as interpreted by Icelandic artist Nína Björk Bjarkadóttir. An explanatory booklet is included in…

Hat in a souvenir shop in Lerwick, Shetland, featuring a Viking ship, and produced by Beechfield Original Headwear

A billboard for the new Underground line in Berlin, featuring a Hertha (Berlin football team) supporter with a Viking style supporter's hat.

Postcard of the burning of the galley at Lerwick's Up Helly Aa. On the reverse there are runes which appear to read 'Viking Prints', though the alphabet used is the older futhark.

#everydayvikings spotted at work (Denmark): Colleague uses 'Viking drinking horn' travel coffee mug. Bought it in Slovakia.

If anyone has further information about Viking heritage in Slovakia, we'd love to hear!

Mustard product produced by Dansk Mjød, with Viking branding.

A model Viking longship made of glass and wood as a souvenir that can be bought in the gift shop at Vikingskipshuset.

3 fridge magnets, 2 from Sweden and 1 from Norway. The two magnets to the left are probably from recent years, ( since 2010), while the one to far right is probably from 1980's. The magnets are classic examples of the stereotypical Viking with…

Postcard depicting a modern commemorative "runestone" in the Jardin des Plantes, Rouen – a gift from the Kingdom of Norway. "In 1911 the city of Rouen celebrated the millenium of the founding of the Duchy of Normandy and the baptism of the…

Famous statue by sculptor H.P. Pedersen-Dans in Kronborg Castle depicting the legendary figure Holger Danske (Ogier the Dane) first mentioned in the eleventh-century Chanson de Roland, and who later becomes a major antagonist (and later supporter) of…

Red mugs featuring an image of a Viking ship with the inscription 'Denmark'. Seen in the gift shop of Museet Ribes Vikinger.

DSC01828 (953x1280).jpg
A floating toy viking ship with dragon prow photographed in the Ribe VikingCenter in Denmark.

Runic mugs with the inscription 'Orkney'. Seen in a tourist shop in Kirkwall.

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These souvenir steins include typical images associated with the Vikings: horned helmets, weapons, viking ships, and beards! Seen in Copenhagen airport.

Based on the design on the Mask Stone from Aarhus (Rune stone DR 66).

Based on the Late Viking Age Urnes-Style Pitney Brooch (in the British Museum).
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