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Blog post about Ragnar's sons and The Netherlands; Sigurd, Ubbe, Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Hvitserk

An essay about the short-lived comic 'The Vikings' (Dec. 1935 - December 1936).

A band of Vikings were exiled from Norway 1248. They sailed west and found an uninhabited island where the lived for many centuries until a plague hit the island in 1948. They left the island to escape the plague and found their way to America, which…

This statue of a troll stands outside the visitor centre at Geysir, and is a popular place for tourists to take photos. Trolls are a supernatural being (usually antagonist) featuring in Old Norse mythology, but since adopted and adapted in a variety…

DSC00964 (1280x960).jpg
Playful Viking warrior figurines with swords, shields and horned helmets. Seen in a souvenir shop in Iceland.

If you have information about the company, please let us know.

DSC00965 (1280x960).jpg
Round armored figurines with axe and sword, seen in an Icelandic souvenir shop.

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DSC00977 (1280x960).jpg
Small figurine with a horned helmet and beard, seen in a tourist shop in Iceland.

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DSC00976 (1280x960).jpg
Small wooden figurine of a woman with staff, shield and breastplate, seen in a tourist shop in Iceland.

If you know the company which produced this item, please let us know.

Viking Vybz.jpg
Album released in 2015 by Jamaican reggae dancehall recording artist Vybz Kartel, entitled Viking (Vybz Is King). The album artwork features Vybz with horned helmet and sword. The artist was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2014 for murder.

DSC01034 (960x1280).jpg
Bookmarks, one featuring short-twig runes carved by a small figure, and the other the prow of a Viking ship. Photographed in a souvenir shop in Iceland. Produced by

(From Wikipedia) "a science-fictional futuristic retelling of Norse mythology that portrays the Æsir, the Norse gods, as cybernetically enhanced humans, tasked with protecting mankind from the onslaught of Loki's army of machines."

(From Wikipedia) "The game is based on Norse mythology, where the war between the gods has sparked further conflict in the mortal realm of Midgard, where Freya's champion Skarin must lead Viking forces against that of the Goddess Hel."

From Wikipedia: "The Banner Saga is a Viking-themed tactical role-playing video game developed by Stoic... The game takes place in a Viking legend-inspired world, stuck in a perpetual twilight since the sun disappeared"

User submitted image of a Viking fire pit produced by the Canadian company Imagine Metal Art, which produced metal garden sculptures. For more information see their website at

Dr Maja Bäckvall's blog on Norse imagery and language in modern culture. The blog features many uses of runes in video games, among other topics.

DSC02488 (1280x960).jpg
These souvenir steins include typical images associated with the Vikings: horned helmets, weapons, viking ships, and beards! Seen in Copenhagen airport.

Vinland Saga is a manga that expresses the Japanese fascination with the Vikings. It is the story of Thorfinn who seeks revenge against Askeladd because Askeladd killed his father. Sustaining Thorfinn through his ordeal are his pride in his family…

Deadly Angels is a series of books by Sandra Hill featuring Viking vampires.

From the website:
'Viking Ghost is a comical, story driven "Arcade Action-Adventure-Dual Stick Shooter-Dungeon Crawl-Rogue-Like-Lite" (that tastes great...and less filling!).'
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