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Aker i Viken is a small living history group based in Oslo that focuses on Viking-Age handicrafts.

Stave church, originally from Gol, Hallingdal, Norway, now in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Oslo.

The marble fountain in Oslo City Hall depicts Yggdrasill with the Norns at its base ready to water it, and the various animals that live in its branches. It was designed by Dagfin Werenskiold.

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The website of the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo which includes a Viking section

This motif featuring Viking ships was photographed in Oslo City Hall in 2006. Thank you to Love Archaeology and Royst for information about the location of this item.

Gjermundbu hjelm.jpg
The only surviving Viking Age helmet. It is on display in Oslo

A selection of Viking Age swords on display at the Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo, Norway.

A comb on display at the Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo

Oseberg 1.jpg
The Oseberg ship is on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. It was found in a grave mound at Oseberg in Norway with the remains of two women, and with a large amount of grave goods.

Weather Vane.jpg
The Källunge weather vane from Källunge, Gotland, Sweden was once on the church there. It is decorated in a transitional Mammen/Ringerike style.

St Hallvards Cathedral.jpg
St Hallvard's Cathedral was first built in the twelfth century, and fell out of use in the seventeenth century. It's remains are now visible in Oslo.

St Hallvard shot full of arrows and killed when he tried to defend a pregnant woman from attack.…

The Gjermundbu helmet is the only Viking Age helmet that has been found in Norway. It was found in a burial mound near Haugsbygda in Ringerike in 1943 along with remains of mail armour, 2 spears, 2 axes, 4 shield bosses, spurs stirrups, and several…

A tour bus in Oslo with a Viking with horned helmet on the side.

Freyja is known for Brisingamen, the necklace, and this shop appears to sell a wide range of jewellery of which she might have approved.

Freia began as a brand in Oslo in 1889 when the factory was first founded to produce chocolate. The reason for the name of the company is not known, but Freia is one way of spelling the Norse goddess' name.

A selection of Viking-themed souvenirs in a shop window in Oslo. They include Viking longship tea-light holder, Viking trolls, a horned helmet, drinking horns and a pewter Viking ship.

The layout of part of medieval Oslo is shown with log walls one or two layers high and the cord roads in between them. This gives a sense of how narrow these streets could be.

A statue of Vølund / Wayland / Völundr the smith. It was made in 1873 by Stephan Sinding. Völundr is the protagonist of Völundarkviða in the Poetic Edda.
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