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The bishop's chair from Heddal stave church dating from the 13th century.

This website provides a general synthesis of data about early medieval combs, including Viking and Viking Age combs.

Cite this as: S. Ashby 2011 'An Atlas of Medieval Combs from Northern Europe', Internet Archaeology 30.…

Rebecca Merkelbach on outlaws, trolls and berserkers in the Icelandic sagas. This article considers how different types of characters in the sagas are monstrous.

Overview of a personal humble collection of books related to the topic of a current PhD-project, namely the Viking-age woman known as Unnr djúpúðga or Auðr djúpauðga (lit. Unn the ‘deep-minded’ or Aud the ‘deeply wealthy’).

This blog post considers the evidence for Greenland being warmer when settled by Vikings than it is now.

A brief description of traces of Vikings in Northern Ireland along the Causeway Coastal route in County Antrim, Northern-Ireland. Archaeological finds, local legends and places such as Larne or Ulfreksfjord, Fair Head, Rathlin Island and Dunluce…

A photoblog describing the walk to and around the Norse settlement at the Brough of Birsay.

A blog that is primarily about monsters, but with reference to the author's research into monsters in the Icelandic sagas.

Eleanor Parker writes about the English perspective on St Olaf in the medieval period.

A blog about early medieval art, and especially sculpture.

A blog by Dr Dayanna Knight, Viking archaeologist and anthropologist, and artist.

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An introduction to the early medieval period in West Yorkshire.

Hvalsey church was probably built in the early 14th Century, and is located in the Norse settlement of Hvalsey (modern Qaqortoq). There are some indications it was built on the site of an earlier Norse church. Photo by David Trood - Visit Greenland

RMVA 2014 Syllabus (UPDATE-1).pdf
This is the syllabus for a course on pre-Christian religion/s in the Viking Age, which I taught in the spring of 2014. It was part of a two-semester 'valgfag' programme at Aarhus University titled "Viking Studies", so the students (drawn from a range…

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A map that has been tagged with historical events and mentions, including events from the sagas

A search for articles relating to Vikings on the Society for Medieval Military History. Keyword: Viking

Dictionary of Old Norse Prose
Ordbog over det norrøne prosasprog

Online dictionary of Old Norse
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