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This is a group of reenactors dressed as Viking reenactors at the massive Battle of Clontarf Festival in April 2014. This item may be useful for anyone with an interest in how Vikings are portrayed at Living History and Reenactment events.

Bjørgvin Marknad.jpg
Bjørgvin Viking Market takes place each year at Hordamuseet. It is an event for re-enactors and living history enthusiasts, as well as being a tourist event

Photo of a woman in traditional Norse dress outside the reconstruction of Tjodhilde's Church in Qassiarsuk, Southern Greenland by Franziska Mahler - Visit Greenland

Viking Dad
Norstead Viking Village is a living history museum near L'Anse-aux-Meadows.

A report on the Viking reenactment event 'Times & Epochs 2016'
A short promotional video about the Museet Ribes Vikinger and Ribe VikingCentre.

2016-07-27 (5).png
The Njardar Viking group's website. They are a living history group who present Viking Age history.

Olavs Menn.png
Olavs Menn is a Christian Viking living history group in Norway

Oli Stewart, a member of the Sea Stallion crew, demonstrates good rowing technique on board the largest reconstructed Viking Ship - Havhingsten. Thirty of the crew row at any one time, achieving over 4.5 knots in good conditions.

Two musicians playing as part of Kalundborg's Harbour Festival in the Kongens Togt series of events in Summer 2016 to commemorate Cnut's conquest of England.

Ribe VikingeCenter was established in 1992, and is one of the World's leading centers for living history and experiencing the Viking past. It consists of three main areas representing different periods of Viking history: a recreation of a marketplace…

A reconstruction of a long-house from 980 AD at Ribe VikingCenter, part of the 'Great Farm' area of the Center. According to the Ribe VikingCenter, itfollows the Trelleborg-Fyrkat model, and is built of 160 solid oak trunks with a roof made of 5000…

This is an interpretative reconstruction of vǫlva (or seeresse's) dwelling at Ribe VikingCenter. This building is inhabited by a re-enactor who holds pagan (or Ásatrú) beliefs, to add to the authenticity of the setting ant the rituals…

Reconstruction of a Níðstang outside the vǫlva's dwelling in Ribe VikingCenter. The Níðstang was a deeply insulting public act of scorn, and is represented in the sagas as a carved pole covered with a horse's head. The scorn of…

Reconstructed garden from the ninth century, tended by volunteers at the Ribe VikingCenter. Plants are grown in a traditional manner, and only varieties known to the Vikings are grown - including beans, leeks, garlic and herbs. For more information…

Blacksmithing was a vital trade in the Viking Age, producing everything from the tools for working the land, to the clinch-nails of Viking ships and expensive swords and mail. The blacksmith may also have been a revered figure, and associated with…

Glass bead-making is one of the traditional Viking-Age crafts carried out at the Viking Marketplace in the Ribe Viking-Center. Colourful beads have been found throughout the Viking World, and were an important luxury item.For more information about…

Silversmith at the Viking Market at Ribe VikingCenter. Silver jewellery based on Viking-Age designs are produced using traditional methods and sold at the Viking Market in the Ribe VikingCenter. Silver (rather than gold) was used as the main currency…

Wood was the primary building material throughout Scandinavia, and woodworking was a vital craft in rural areas, and probably a more specialised trade in towns such as this reconstructed area of the Ribe VikingCenter.For more information about the…

Bronze casting is one of several traditional crafts carried out at the Viking Marketplace in Ribe VikingCenter, where visitors can interact with the craftspeople at work. For more information about the Center, see item#1007and the section on Bronze…
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