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Fenring Vikinglag is a reenactment and living history group

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A living history group that is interested in recreating and mediating all aspects of Viking Age culture and daily life.

Grenmar frie Vikinger is a Viking reenactment group that largely deals with handicrafts.

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Hoen Vikinglag is a living history group that researches and mediates Viking Age culture and crafts.

Hurstwic, LLC provides training services and related merchandise related to the research and practice of Viking-age combat as embodied in the innovative Hurstwic® Viking Combat Training system

Ribe VikingCenter has reconstructed eight town-houses from the year 825 AD, inhabited by re-enactors and craftspeople, including the carpenter and shoe-maker. They are based on buildings excavated in Ribe town. This photo shows the interior of one of…

Photos of a reconstruction of a Hiberno-Norse house modeled on those found in the excavations in the Wood Quay area of Dublin, along with reconstructed Viking-Age garden. These photos were taken in 2014 by Maria Teresa Ramandi, participant in the…

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Lidir Viking- og Bueskytterlag er laget for hele familien. Her kan barn, unge og voksne finne aktiviteter de liker og konkurere på likefot i bueskyting. Laget formidler vikingenes historie og levesett gjennom håndverkstrasisjoner og historisk…
Lofotr Vikingmuseum – Borg , Lofoten North of Norway

Borg 700 - 1160 A.D.
In the early iron age (Norwegian 500 - 1030 A.D.). Borg had already been a powerful centre for hundreds of years. The oldest version of the Chieftain´s house was built…

Midgardsblot is a Viking metal music festival held at Borre in Norway. In 2016, the festival includes much more than music, with seminars on photography and a screening of the film 'Trace'. There are also living history activities.

A chalk mural decorating the interior of one of the larger reconstructed townhouses in Ribe VikingCenter (the Thing-Hall)and telling the history of the Vikings in Ribe. It was produced using authentic materials and techniques by artist Trine Theut in…

Reconstruction of a Níðstang outside the vǫlva's dwelling in Ribe VikingCenter. The Níðstang was a deeply insulting public act of scorn, and is represented in the sagas as a carved pole covered with a horse's head. The scorn of…

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The Njardar Viking group's website. They are a living history group who present Viking Age history.
In dieser Sendung besuchen wir das grösste Vikingsmuseum in Norwegen: Lofotr. Dieses befindet sich auf den Lofoten bei Borg.

A Swiss video about visiting the Viking Museum at Lofoten.


Viking Dad
Norstead Viking Village is a living history museum near L'Anse-aux-Meadows.

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A news article on what interests people about engaging in Viking-Age living history.

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Odinsøy Vikinglag is a Viking reenactment and living history group

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Olavs Menn is a Christian Viking living history group in Norway

Oli Stewart, a member of the Sea Stallion crew, demonstrates good rowing technique on board the largest reconstructed Viking Ship - Havhingsten. Thirty of the crew row at any one time, achieving over 4.5 knots in good conditions.
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