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Brooch, based on the larger of the (destroyed) Pre-Viking Golden Horns of Gallehus.

A brooch based on the common Viking-Age trefoil brooch type.

A silver brooch based on Viking Age depictions of Valkyries. If you know the original(s) it is based on, please let us know.

A sliver replica of an Urnes style brooch, similar to brooches found at Ribe and Lindholm H

Viking Age artefacts from excavations in York, including beads, finger rings, pottery and whetstones on display in the temporary Jorvik: Home and Abroad Exhibition in St Mary’s, Coppergate. Photo taken by Kisha G. Tracy.

This pendants (or clothing appliqué) were found in:

1. Suffolk, England (left, upper corner)
2. Tissø, Denmark (right, upper corner)
3. Truso (current Janów Pomorski) Poland (left, lower corner)
4. Björkö, Adelsö, Uppland, Sweden…

One of two unique silver oval brooches from chamber grave 5 from eastern part of southern cemetery in Hedeby. This brooch is covered with filigree ornamentation.

One from two golden pendants with Terslev motif from chamber grave 5 from eastern part of southern cemetery in Hedeby.

A plate brooch representing a prowed ship, from a Viking-Age grave inLillevang in Bornholm, Denmark.For a higher-resolution image see

Odin ravens memento mori.jpg
Bracelet from Memento Mori gothic jewellery & viking age art boutique, Copenhagen, Denmark. Black leather band with Odin’s ravens Hugin and Munin holding a silver ring lock with the words ‘memento mori’.

2016-06-16 (3).png
A well-equipped grave at Randers in Denmark included a brooch that was probably of Irish or Scottish origin.

DSC01687 (1280x826).jpg
A replica of a silver pendant found in Östergötland, Sweden and on display in Historiska Museet, Stockholm. It is widely believed to represent the goddess Freyja. These earrings and pendants were seen in Museet Ribes Vikinger.

DSC01684 (1280x872).jpg
Earrings based on Yggdrasil (the World-Tree) and produced by Museums Smykker - seen on sale at Museet Ribes Vikinger.

King Sitric, 'Silkbeard', Norse King of Dublin, who 'had an Irish mother and he married a daughter of Brian Boru', features as one of ten 'Impressions of Ireland' symbols on a ring produced by Ogham Designs. Sitric (or Sigtrygg II Silkbeard…

A silver ring featuring a tree of life design like the World Tree (Yggdrasill) from Old Norse mythology.

Ring Collection and Design: Indigo Lune

This is a stunning Borre style Trefoil brooch found in Wiltshire, one of over 20 on the Portable Antiquities Scheme's Database. To view the full record and associated metadata, go to
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