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A map of some of the Danish place names with connections to the Norse gods,on display in an exhibition on legacy at Kongernes Jelling (Royal Jelling) Experience Centre.See theirwebsitefor more information.

This fantastic publication covers everything from politics and belief in Viking Age Denmark, to experimental archaeology and the journey of the Sea Stallion. It also includes two chapters on the use of Viking branding in the past and in Denmark today…

This coin was issued in 2008 and features the reconstructed Viking ship Havhingsten, or the Sea Stallion from Glendalough.

DR (Danish state broadcaster) news story 7th October 2016- 5cm 8th century Odin figure found August 2016 by amateur at Mesinge, Hindsholm, Funen, Denmark. Østfyn Museum: What looks like horns appears to be ravens Huginn og Muninn,

This type of…

Reconstructed longhouse at Fyrkat, Denmark
Reconstruction of a longhouse at the Viking Age ring fort of Fyrkat

A blog by Irish archaeologist Alva Mac Gowan, documenting this year's summer voyage with the reconstructed Viking ship Havhingsten (the Sea Stallion from Glendalough) as it takes part in the Kongens Togt (King's Journey) commemorating Cnut's conquest…

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An aerial photograph taken in 1962, showing the barrier in the Roskilde Fjord constructed to excavate the five Skuldelev ships. These ships are now on display in the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.

Amber Thor's hammer from Hedeby. It is currently exhibited in the Viking Museum Haithabu.

On the photo are iron Thor's hammer and small, bronze axehead.

These amulets have been found in Århus (Árós in the Viking Age). Currently they are displayed on permanent exhibition in the Moesgård Museum.

On the photo are (from upper left corner):

- miniature spearhead;
- miniature lead anchor;
- Thor's hammer;
- awl with handle made of polished reed deer antler;
- patrix bearing Thor's hammer;
- Gotland's box brooch;
- hanging lamp made…

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Bronze objects, including keys, found at Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Souvenir "Viking" horned helmets, with outlandish designs for sale in a gift shop in Ribe, Denmark.

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Woodworking axes from Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

Glass bead-making is one of the traditional Viking-Age crafts carried out at the Viking Marketplace in the Ribe Viking-Center. Colourful beads have been found throughout the Viking World, and were an important luxury item.For more information about…

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Beads and gaming pieces of amber, some unfinished. Found in Ribe. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Beads from the period c.700-850 excavated from Ribe Marketplace, and demonstrating the development in styles. Details about the exhibition can be found at

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Blå Thor. [Blue Thor] Royal warrant. ‘Denmark’s most beautiful beer.’ Brewery Synnestvedts Bayerske Ølbryggeri established in Randers, Denmark, 1850, renamed Thor in 1873. Blå Thor beer launched 1964. Won Brussels…

Blacksmithing was a vital trade in the Viking Age, producing everything from the tools for working the land, to the clinch-nails of Viking ships and expensive swords and mail. The blacksmith may also have been a revered figure, and associated with…
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