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Sheryl McDonald Werronen tweeted 30 riddarasögur (courtly romances) over the course of 30 days. This blog post links to storifies of the tweets so you can catch up on them all easily.

The Icelandic sagas with modern Icelandic spelling

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Digital copies of publications produced by the Viking Society for Northern Research, including 'Saga Book' vols. I–XXXVIII, 'A New Introduction to Old Norse', a number of significant texts in translation, and various other articles, essays, and…

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This is a translation of Bjarkamál in fornu which was sung by the skald Thormod before the battle of Stiklestad.

Archive of papers given at International Saga Conferences since 1971

Pre-Christian Religions of the North is an international project to document the mythology and religious practices of early Scandinavia and Germanic Europe. The Sources Database brings together resources related to the project.

Items from Sofie Vanherpen's Blog centred around her PhD-project on Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)úðga Ketilsdóttir (9th Century).

The Law Rock at Thingvellir
Saga Thing has collected a selection of nicknames from the sagas that they have discussed. Old Norse nicknames could often be less than complimentary, frequently scurrilous, and were always given, never self-imposed. The giving of a nickname could be…

A blog that is primarily about monsters, but with reference to the author's research into monsters in the Icelandic sagas.

Rebecca Merkelbach on outlaws, trolls and berserkers in the Icelandic sagas. This article considers how different types of characters in the sagas are monstrous.

The history of three Viking kings (Harald Bluetooth, Sweyn Forkbeard, Cnut the Great) told using sound and video projection mapping as a Son et Lumiere for Illuminating York 2013.

For detailed notes on the history used in this work follow these…

Recordings of the following can be accessed on this page: Vellekla Ragnarsdrápa Krákumál Egill Skallagrímsson Other texts are read as part of the lessons. Access here

Modern Poets on Viking Poetry is a cultural engagement scheme based at the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge. It is funded by the AHRC. The project aims to create cross-cultural engagement between modern and Viking…
Recital in Old Norse from the original Edda text, Voluspa (The Sibyls Prophecy or Divination of the Witch), a Heathen, Viking Age, Old Norse Poem on Creation, recorded in writing during the 12th Century A.D. (See below for English…

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On pp. 89-91, a review of:
Jochens, J., 1995 'Women in Old Norse Society' (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press)
Jochens, J., 1996 'Old Norse Images of Women' (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press)
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