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Photo of the York Gospels Manuscript
Description taken from display in the Undercroft at York Minster: "The York Gospels was probably made by Anglo-Saxon monks at Canterbury around 1020 and brought to York by Archbishop Wulfstan. It is the only book from before the Norman Conquest to…

For Honor Gameplay Walkthrough: Viking Campaign Mission - E3 2016 Official [US]
Watch the all-new For Honor gameplay walkthrough of a Viking story campaign mission. Join the Raider in his raid through the Myre, land of the Samurai and discover the unique For Honor combat system: The Art of Battle. Available in both solo and…

The Saga Of Biorn
Biôrn, an old Viking, is determined to reach Valhalla, the warrior's afterlife full of excessive drinking and debauchery. To gain entry he has to die honorably in battle, but he discovers that the right death isn't so easy.


Thor Boat on River Ouse, York
A boat named Thor spotted on the River Ouse, York, during a Dinner Cruise.

Ändersta Rune Stone (U 1160) in the Ashmolean Museum (Front, full length)
Rune stone in the Ashmolean Museum, originally from Uppland in Sweden and dating the the late Viking Age. It was donated to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford byKing Karl XI of Swedenin 1687.The runes read:Liðsmaðr lét hôggva stein…

Norse Raven flag
A Norse raven flag seen at English Heritage's Festival of History 2010 in the Viking Camp.

Victorian Memorial to Alfred the Great Naval Battle, Swanage Bay
Memorial plaque reads: "In Commemoration of a Great Naval Battle fought with the Danes in Swanage Bay by Alfred the Great D877". For more information see here

Train Named Thor at Moors Valley Park
A mini steam engine train named Thor at Moors Valley Park, Dorset.

Norse Gods, Valhalla in Super Scribblenauts DS Game
Super Scribblenauts is a Nintendo DS game that uses words to solve puzzles. At the start of the game you can write ala Scribble anything and if it is recognised it will appear. This is a screenshot of Valhalla, Hugin, Mugin, Viking, Valkyrie, Odin,…

King Canute - Joker card in Kings of England playset
A depiction of the Danish King & King of England, Canute/Cnut from a Kings of England cards playset.

Sheep-ish There's Always One - Viking Sheep Mug
A Viking Sheep mug from the Sheep-ish company.

Viking & Battle Axe Bitter Ale by Rudgate Brewery
Viking Ale and Battle Axe Ale by Rudgate Brewery

Stamford Bridge heraldry
Stamford Bridge heraldry on notice board honouring the battle of Stamford Bridge that took place in 1066 between Harald Hardrada & Harold Godwinson.

Swordsman Inn sign, Stamford Bridge
The pub sign for the Swordsman Inn at Stamford Bridge

Battle of Stamford Bridge Memorial
The Memorial stone and plaque to commemorate the Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066, at Stamford Bridge.

Viking Road sign, Stamford Bridge
A road named Viking Road to reflect the historical significance of Stamford Bridge. Rebecca Hill (myself) in shot.

Battle of Stamford Bridge fields & memorial stone
A historical memorial stone set supposedly overlooking the lands where the Battle of Stamford Bridge took place between Harold Godwinson and Harald Hardrada 1066.

Danish Skin from Worcester Cathedral Door
A special display in the Cathedral Library.
A piece of text beneath the exhibit piece says:
"Possibly evidence of the truth of the legend that a Dane was flayed alive for stealing the Sanctus bell of the monastery. This was recently analysed and…

Valknut Shield
A re-enactment Viking at Jorvik Viking Festival 2009 with a Valknut symbol on his round shield.

Viking and Viking-wanna-be
A Viking Re-Enactor and a child dressed up as a Viking with knitted beard at Jorvik Festival 2010

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