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Collection DSC04710.JPG Folkemuseum
Item Juni Viking Life_Saving Equipment Esbjerg DK(9).jpg Viking Life-Saving Equipment company van
Item 2016-06-20.png The Viking Answer Lady
Item DSC01286.JPG Handled Cup on display in Shetland Museum and Archives
Item DSC01287.JPG Wooden Platter on display in Shetland Museum and Archives
Item 27.jpg Re-enactors display their wares at Bjørgvin Viking Market
Item 22.jpg Viking smithy at Bjørgvin Viking Market
Item Manuscript_Audhumla.jpg Cattle
Item Reconstructed_Viking_House.jpg A Reconstructed Viking House in Iceland
Item Teva_Vidal_Thesis_Fig 1.jpg Houses and domestic life in the Viking Age and medieval period: material perspectives from sagas and archaeology
Item The Viking Home.pdf The Viking Home Exhibit
Item Viking Age Key Viking Age Key from the British Museum
Item drakkar.png Viking ship discovered in Tennessee
Item Entertainment.pdf Entertainment Exhibit
Item vikings.jpg Vikings in Australia
Item 3.jpg A table laden with Viking food at Stamford Bridge
Item 44.jpg The interior of the reconstruction of Erik the Red's house
Item DSCF0233.JPG Keys and Locks in the National Museum of Ireland
Item Oveja_islandesa,_Grábrók,_Vesturland,_Islandia,_2014-08-15,_DD_097.JPG Sheep
Item Comb.jpg A comb in the Kulturhistorisk museum